• AskReddit Clustering

    An exploration of clustering algorithms on top-level comments submitted to AskReddit. Created for CS4320 - Information Storage and Retrieval.

  • Lambda Calculus

    An interpreter for the untyped lambda calculus, written in TypeScript. Based on the lambda calculus described in Benjamin Pierce's Types and Programming Languages.

    Personal Project
  • My Financial Foundations

    A contract website created for a startup business. The website offers financial and insurance calculators for insurance agents to use with clients.

  • SAT Solver

    A solver for the Boolean Satisfiability Problem (SAT), made for CS5500 - Parallel Programming. Includes both serial and portfolio-based parallel implementations.

  • Shingo Affiliate Portal

    An international event portal for affiliates of the Shingo Institute. Affiliates would log on and add upcoming workshops and conferences, to be shared on the Shingo homepage and stored in Shingo's Salesforce instance.